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Wild-Fire Hand Tool Department

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Every Troop Wild-Fire fighting tool is custom USA made. Designed with the quick and easy Screw & Locking Pin design and is designed to be used with all the Troop tool attachments below. Note: Worn axe blades can be replaced using Dragonslayers  Tool Refurbishment services.


• 37" long Red Universal Hickory Handle 2.1 lbs:   this specially engineered wooden handle with snap-lock fitting is longer and approximately twice the strength of a traditional Pulaski handle. The hardened aluminum CNC- manufactured male fitting locks into all Dragonslayers™ tool heads.

• Dragon Swatter Designed for Grass Fires:   The Dragon Swatter was developed as a beating tool for use with prescribed burns and fast-moving grass wildfires. The tough conveyor belt strapping of the Dragon Swatter is flexible shaft is enough to reach and kill flames around the base of trees, brush and rocks.

• Magnum Pulaski Tool with Blade-Guards:   is designed to be balanced for greater control and with wider replaceable blades by the factory.

• Troop Tool with Locking Shovel / Rake Design:   features the positive four-way square locking pin design and the 7-1/2 x 12” combo shovel / rake head with a 18” heavy duty shaft.

• Bonnie "SLAM" 3.3 lbs Hammer Tool with Blade Guards:   this High-Carbon Steel tool is used to drive tree-felling wedges by chainsaw crews and for “grubbing” fire line when needed. Specifications:   9 1/2”L  x 4 1/2”W x 3 1/2”H; Grub blade 4 1/2”; hammer head 3”L x 1 1/4”W Total length 37 1/2”L when attached to Universal Handle.

• 3.3 lb Titanium Core Felling Axe with Blade Guards:   The titanium axe head is made of extremely durable titanium, Felling Axe. The axe blade is made of 1075 steel having a Rockwell Hardness of 54.  The tool has an axe blade secured by 5 rivets, on one side and a flat-headed “slam hammer” on the other.

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Special Order Kits:

• Troop Tool kit includes: Titanium head Felling Ax features a 4” steel sharpened blade secured by 5 rivets. The Universal Handle, Troop Tool and blade guard.  This is Dragonslayers’ most versatile tool kit for use on Western Conifer Forests and Eastern Deciduous Forests. 5 pounds. Part # TTK-202

• Basic Temperate Forest Fire Kit includes: Three-piece kit: primary Troop Tool head with a secondary Magnum Pulaski cutting head plus the Universal Handle. Makes for a perfect set of capabilities to have one person always armed with the right tool to address most all ever-changing chores on fires in the Temperate Forests. This three-piece tool kit includes Universal Handle, Magnum Pulaski, Troop Tool. Includes Pulaski blade guard. 8 pounds. Part# BWK-201

• Universal Wildfire Kit: Simply adds a swatter to the Basic Wildfire Kit to make fire fighter able to swat out fast moving grass fires. Universal Handle, Magnum Pulaski, Troop Tool and choice of Dragon Swatter or Tony Pad Swatter. Includes Pulaski blade guard. 12 lbs. Part# UWK-200

• Magnum Pulaski Tool Kit: This Magnum Pulaski Tool Kit includes one Magnum Pulaski tool head with Blade Guard and one Universal Handle. Part# MPTK

• Dragon Swatter Tool Kit: The Dragon Swatter Tool Kit includes one Dragon Swatter tool head and one Universal Handle. 47” Long with straps extended. 37” Long with straps folded for transport. Length of Dragon Swatter with the Universal Handle, 90” Kit weight 5.3 pounds. Part# DSTK

• Tony Pad Swatter Tool Kit: The Tony Pad Swatter Tool Kit includes one Tony Pad tool head and one Universal Handle. The Tony Pad was developed as a beating/scraping tool for use with prescribed burns and smoldering fires in deep organic duff, tundra and taiga in non-rocky terrain. Part # TPSTK

• Bonnie Hammer Tool Kit: he Bonnie Hammer Tool Kit includes a Bennie Hammer Tool head, blade guard and Universal Handle. The tool head has a steel wedge head on one side, and a 4 1/2-inch wide grub-hoe blade on the other. Kit weighs 5.4 pounds. Part # BHTK

• Titanium Axe Tool Kit: The Titanium Axe Tool Kit includes one Titanium core tool head with 4,5-in blade, blade guard and one Universal Handle.

• Elite Basic Wildfire Kit: This Elite Kit consists of five Basic Kits, extra handle, Bonnie Hammer, Dragon Swatter, Orange Poly Tough Dragon Case (19 pieces) 70 pounds. Part # ECK201 Tool quantities: 5 Magnum Pulaski heads, 5 Troop Tool heads, 1 Bonnie Hammer head, 1 Dragon Swatter, 6 Universal Handles, 1 Orange transport case

• Elite Universal Wildfire Kit: Four (4) Universal Wildfire Kits, one each extra Universal Handle, Bonnie Hammer, and Orange Dragon Transport and Storage Case 67 lbs. Part # ECK202 Tool quantities: 4 Magnum Pulaski heads, 4 Troop Tool heads, 4 Swatters, 1 Bonnie Hammer head , 5 Universal Handle, 1 Orange transport case.

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